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Welcome to Product Development Corporation UK

Product Development Corporation UK provides a specialised distribution service.  With over sixty years of experience, PDC has evolved into a highly efficient distribution and data management company offering the highest quality services in:

•    Door to Door Distribution
•    Demographic Customer Targeting
•    Database Management
•    Customer Service

Currently distributing in excess of 250 million directories, leaflets, catalogues, magazines as well as many other items throughout the world, PDC can offer a complete range of services from address management to hand delivery of large items to any business or residential address in the UK.

We lead the directory publishing industry with our ability to hire, train and manage over 15,000 temporary distributors annually.  We offer leading edge technology systems, both in delivery products and as stand alone systems that offer innovative delivery services and solutions. 

Product Development Corporation UK Ltd
2nd Floor Kensington House
York Business Park
YO26 6RW

Contact: 01904 606300
Fax:       01904 606311
email:     customerservice@teampdc.co.uk
Web:      www.pdcuk.co.uk

Part of the PDC family in the UK is:

The National Door to Door Company
Unit 7 Mulberry Avenue
Turnstone Business Park

Contact: 0151 4230310
Fax: 0151 4243302
Email: info@d2dc.co.uk
Web: www.d2dc.co.uk

PDC's Corporate Head Office is located in Monterey, California.

Looking for our other international websites?
    Visit www.teampdc.com for the US office
    Visit www.pdclogistics.ca for the Canadian office
    Visit www.aupdc.com.au for the Australian office

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